About Us.

GridRay is a B2B trade platform for online eCommerce sites and sellers which help them in delivering the best world class experience to their end customer.

The platform helps e-businesses in organizing their supply chain.

GridRay Helping Ecommerce Succeed

Our Vision

GridRay Vision for ecommerce companies

We want to build a company whose primary focus is not its bottom line but its customers growth and happiness. The idea is to bring economic prosperity for all its users both internal and external.

Our Vision

  • Building Economic Prosperity for both countries and individuals.

  • Inclusive Growth, both Internal and External.

  • We are a company aiming to become an institution by creating remarkable products that can set the global benchmark of excellence and open the doors for others to prosper economically.


Our Values.

  • Our Customer's Growth is our primary KPI: If our customer is growing means we are growing.
  • Ethics are core, Money is a by-product: Do the right thing, do everything with ethics, money is the by-product it will follow you, don't follow the money.
  • Quality & Excellence (Your work is your signature on the world): It's not just about the product but everything we do.
  • Communicate with honesty: Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication, both within and outside the organization.
  • Simple Not Complex: Keep It Simple.
  • To enjoy PEOPLE SUCCESS, both INTERNAL (Employees) and EXTERNAL (Users)
GridRay Business Values