About Us.

GridRay is a B2B trade platform for online eCommerce sites and sellers which help them in delivering the best world class experience to their end customer.

The platform helps e-businesses in organizing their supply chain.

GridRay Helping Ecommerce Succeed


A Dream Fueled by Innovation.

GridRay is more than just a company; it represents a dream fueled by innovation. Anshul and Neeraj are leading the way towards a brighter future, one powered by technology and driven by the unwavering pursuit of a shared vision.

Anshul Garg
​CEO, Architect of Dreams

Anshul is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning the worlds of film and television, dentistry, and now technology. He is the founder and CEO of GridRay, where he leverages his nearly 15 years of experience to build a company that not only thrives but also empowers others. 

Anshul's journey reflects his unwavering spirit and insatiable curiosity, leading him to explore uncharted territories and embrace new challenges. His diverse experiences have instilled in him a deep understanding of building and scaling successful ventures, storytelling, communication, and collaboration, making him a true visionary leader in the tech landscape.

With his unwavering vision and exceptional leadership, Anshul is poised to disrupt the tech landscape and leave an enduring legacy on the business world. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to explore beyond the conventional path.

Neeraj Mittal 
CTO, Architect of Innovation

Neeraj is the CTO of GridRay, bringing 18 years of expertise in technical innovation, strategy, and technology development. As a Senior Architect, he mentors, delivers subject matter expertise, and evangelizes Devops and Test-Driven Development methodologies.

Neeraj excels in application design, performance tuning, and bridging the gap between business needs and technical requirements. His quick learning ability allows him to master diverse domains and technologies, including Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, microservices, REST, GraphQL, Golang, Python, Java, and more. He also possesses extensive experience in device migration, network automation, and security systems, along with expertise in financial domains like FIX, SWIFT, and OMGEO.

Neeraj's passion for innovation and diverse experience make him a vital asset to GridRay, driving the company's technological advancements and ensuring its success in the competitive tech landscape.

Our Vision

GridRay Vision for ecommerce companies

We want to build a company whose primary focus is not its bottom line but its customers growth and happiness. The idea is to bring economic prosperity for all its users both internal and external.

Our Vision

  • Building Economic Prosperity for both countries and individuals.

  • Inclusive Growth, both Internal and External.

  • We are a company aiming to become an institution by creating remarkable products that can set the global benchmark of excellence and open the doors for others to prosper economically.

- GridRay Founder & CEO, Anshul Garg

When I think about GridRay, 
I wanted it to be a place 
where businesses can succeed.
GridRay Business Values