Get Free Tools Worth 2 Lakhs For Ecommerce Startup Company

19.08.21 04:34 PM

Get Free Tools Worth 2 Lakhs For Ecommerce Startup

Get Free Zoho One productivity apps for your eCommerce startup that will help and charge your e-commerce business, free for the complete 1 year.

Zoho Applications for ecommerce startups

Zoho One apps give complete administrative control, that will help you in managing your all your organizational issues.



For managing Sales

  • CRM: for managing customer relations

  • Email for the sales team

  • Appointment scheduling


For Managing marketing and communication

  • Marketing Automation: Generate more leads across channels convert them to customers.

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Survey, Forms

  • E-commerce Website Optimization

  • Chat


Provide best customer support whenever your customer require.

  • Customer Support

  • Remote Support & Access: Set up remote access and manage PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and help your customers.


Build the best company culture

  • Project Management: Plan, track and collaborate with your teams to get things done.

  • Agile Project Management: Manage and build sprints

  • Internal Social Network: A private social network for team discussions.

  • Internal & External training tools

  • File Management

  • Other

Zoho One Ecommerce startup Apps

Improve business productivity with the help of these tools

  • Word processor

  • Spreadsheets

  • Slide Decks

  • Digital Signature

  • Take Notes

  • Password Management


Tools for managing your ecommerce company accounting and payments.

  • Accounting, invoicing, and expense management

  • Payment Forms: Accept payments Online


Tools for managing ecommerce business operations

  • Inventory Management

  • Subscription Management


Tools for managing your hiring and human resources.

  • Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment


Business Process management

  • Custom App Builder: for business processes

  • Business Analytics Intelligence

  • Integration builder for integrating Apps

eCommerce tools free from Zoho

We at "GridRay" are also using Zoho, Zoho provided us 1-year free subscription, and we liked all the apps very much that Zoho is offering.

All apps of Zoho are great, but these are the ones I liked most from the lot, that I am highlighting here

  • Zoho CRM: for customer relationship management

  • Zoho Books: for accounting

  • Zoho People: for human resource management

  • Zoho Inventory: for inventory management

  • Zoho Analytics: for business intelligence

  • Zoho Social: for content sharing

All these apps can do great for your e-commerce company. Many fortune 500 companies are also using Zoho in their business and lakhs of organizations across the world run their businesses with Zoho.

Check Eligibility

  • You must be a new user of Zoho (not extended to existing/paid customers)

  • Bootstrapped startups

  • You must be a validated E-commerce startup (associated with an incubator/accelerator/co-working space/Govt. body).

(Note: If you are not yet validated, then you can do it by registering your E-Commerce company with Startup India) Check Link:


Apply Directly Form Zoho One Site

Apply directly from Zoho Platform (Just visit the link and submit your application) Zoho for Startups—set up, start off, and scale your business

Apply from Startup India Portal

Register your e-commerce startup on Startup India Platform

After successful registration on Startup India, you have to go to

(Resources Tab - Partnered Services - management and enterprise software - Zoho One for startups)

  • Here you can find “Zoho One” for your E-Commerce startup. Visit their page on Startup India Portal and submit your application.

  • After submitting your application, your 30-day free trial account will get created.

  • Zoho will review your application. After approval, you will get a 1-year free subscription for your E-Commerce startup.