IBM Cloud $1,20,000 Deal For Startups

28.06.22 08:46 PM

IBM Cloud Deal Worth $1,20,000

IBM Cloud Deal For Startups

This article is about the IBM accelerator program for startups which is designed for startups with or without funding.

The program provides cloud hosting service to startups at no cost. 

IBM's will provide free hosting worth up-to $1,20,000 in cloud credits on IBM’s open and secure hybrid cloud to companies who are accepted into the program.

IBM is committed to fostering innovation and enabling startups to explore new opportunities. 

With IBM, startups can deploy their eCommerce solutions for free and focus on what's really important.

It's always been difficult for startups and smaller businesses to get the funding they need to grow their company, but not anymore! With IBM, you will be able to get access to enterprise-grade hosting at no cost. 

This means that you can focus your time and energy on what matters most: growing your business and scaling up your operations.

How To Start With IBM Cloud

Join and start building with a customized offer based on your needs. Choose to build with US$1,000 of IBM Cloud credits per month for 12 months, or US$3,000 of IBM Cloud credits per month for six months. As you scale, you can upgrade to $10,000 in monthly credits. 

Please review program application criteria below:

  • Your revenue in the last 12 months is less than $15M USD. 
  • Your startup is privately held and has been in business for fewer than 10 years
  • You are new to IBM Cloud (non-paying IBM Cloud customer)
  • You are a verifiable entity and company must operate a public website on their domain.

You can apply for an upgrade to $10,000/month in credits if:

  • You are in an accredited VC, accelerator or incubator and
  • You are using more than half of your initial credits
  • Funding information must be verifiable

How To Apply?

  • Step 1: Create an IBM Cloud Account

    An IBM cloud account is required to enroll as a partner and receive free cloud credits.

  • Step 2: Submit your company information

    After creating your cloud account, please provide your contact information, company details, and billing information.

  • Step 3: Explore IBMs Cloud Partner Community

    Discover all the opportunities IBM offers to build, sell, and grow your company to become a global business partner.

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