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Who We Are

GridRay is an ecosystem-enabling platform for e-commerce companies and brands. It helps in giving the best products and services to the end customer.

It helps e-tailers in delivering best products and services to their end customers and also helps in reducing their inventory investments up-to zero.

Widen Your Reach, Connect and manage your online business with Unlimited Ecommerce Entities.

Are you looking to take your brand to new heights in the ecommerce industry? Look no further. With our services, you can expand your brand's horizons and establish your connection with unlimited players in e-commerce industry. 

Whether you are a startup company or an established business, we have the tools to take you to new heights that are never possible before. 

Don't wait any longer to achieve your goals - let us help you grow your brand today!

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GridRay Ecommerce Ecosystem Enabler

The world has changed and far too many ecommerce companies are living in the past. We at GridRay have the solution to track and eliminate counterfeit products from the ecommerce market.

Its time to take the new approach to ecommerce, its time to join GridRay.

GridRay is an online platform designed to help brands and ecommerce entities to connect and conduct transactions together with each other's for a single purpose that is to serve end customers.


Helping E-Commerce Growth

If you are an E-commerce player, then it's time to take your business into the future. Deliver your customers the best online experience.


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Brands can widen their business reach like never before.

Get complete control of your brand, anywhere and everywhere online.


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The Best Partner For Brands & Ecommerce Businesses.

GridRay is the easiest-to-use solution for e-commerce growth. It offers a complete set of solutions that is designed to increase the efficiency of Brands and ecommerce players. The objective is to connect brands with e-tailers and help them grow by eliminating fake products, reduced operating costs, increased operational efficiency, and by providing an ecosystem which can help in enriched customer experience.

How GridRay Works?

We bring all stakeholder under 1 umbrella and if anyone tries to infringe, then the system has capacity to detect the point from where infringement is happening. And will update the company and can take action against such party.

Ease of Doing Business

You can effortlessly link up with unlimited numbers of ecommerce platforms and handles your product management across multiple online sites. all through a single centralized dashboard.

Growth For Every Brand

GridRay provides growth opportunities for all types of brands, regardless of their size. Whether you're a young startup or large brand, you can expand your business on our platform.

Best User Experience

Brands now have the complete control over their customer's experience cycle.
They can now ensure the best possible Brand experience for their customers, till the user's doorsteps.

"Sell your product on unlimited number of e-sites". This is your chance to maximize your Brand's reach, that is never possible before.

Increase business efficiency
GridRay Command Center For Ecommerce

Command Center

GridRay is your command center for e-commerce.
Taking ecommerce into the future

Into The Future

Take Your E-Commerce Business into the future.
Deliver best experience to ecommerce

Deliver Experience

Deliver the best experience to your customer.