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Who We Are

GridRay is an ecosystem-enabling platform for e-commerce companies. It helps you in giving the best products and services to the end customer.

It is founded by Mr. Anshul Garg and Mr. Neeraj Mittal who are also CEO and CTO respectively.

Deliver your customers the best online experience.

Your Gateway To The Future. For E-commerce Companies & For People Passionate About E-commerce. 

We’re passionate about what we do and we know you are too. Let’s make your business grow together. That's why we want to give you a shot at our services for free.

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GridRay Ecommerce Ecosystem Enabler

The world has changed and far too many ecommerce companies are living in the past. 

Its time to take the new approach to ecommerce, its time to join GridRay.

The Best Partner For Ecommerce Businesses.

GridRay is the easiest-to-use solution for e-commerce growth. 

It offers a complete set of solutions that are designed to increase efficiency. The objective is to help businesses grow through reduced operating costs, increased operational efficiency, and by providing an enriched customer experience.


We empower your business to build something in days that used to take years, mammoth infrastructure and huge investments for ecommerce companies.


Not only does it streamline your ecommerce business, but also will help you reduce operating costs, increased efficiency and in increasing your profits.

Customer Satisfaction

An enhanced customer experience is the goal of every business. You'll have more positive experiences because your customers can get what they want faster.

"The easiest thing you can do to make your life better is to improve the efficiency of your business"

Increase business efficiency
GridRay Command Center For Ecommerce

Command Center

GridRay is your command center for e-commerce.
Taking ecommerce into the future

Into The Future

Take Your E-Commerce Business into the future.
Deliver best experience to ecommerce

Deliver Experience

Deliver the best experience to your customer.