Free Social Media Management for E-Commerce

17.10.21 11:26 AM

Social Media Management Tool for E-Commerce

Social Media Management Tool for business

"Buffer" is a tool that helps you in managing your social media content across platforms; it helps you automate posts for FREE.

As a small E-commerce company when you have limited manpower, it is a must to manage your resources well. Going on each social channel and posting separately on each is a waste of manpower.

A social media management tool is a must for any company to manage social presence. On multiple social platforms

It will enable you in posting on different social channels from a single platform. You can schedule your post in your free time.

More than 1.6 lakh businesses in the world currently use the platform to manage their social presence.

Social Media Management Platform For Businesses

Sneak Peek at What's Available in Free Social Media Management Account

The "Buffer" platform gives you both paid and a free social media management account opening option. In a free account, you can manage up to 3 social media channels. If you want or have more than 3 channels to manage, then you can opt for their paid account.

Example: If you open 1 Twitter profile, 1 LinkedIn page, 2 Facebook page, 1 Instagram, 1 Pinterest, then Buffer will count it as 6 social channels.

Currently, Buffer has connectivity available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest. And if you have your E-commerce site on the Shopify platform then Buffer has an option for that also.

Another important limitation of a free account is that it limits you to store a max of 10 posts in a queue per social channel at a time. So, if you wanted to store more than 10 posts then you can only do it when some of your posts will get published. Yes, a limitation but this is a decent limit for an e-commerce startup for a free account.

Social Media Management Platforms

How you can open a free account for your e-commerce company on Buffer?

It simple. you have to just visit here Social Media Management Platform | Buffer

Select the free account option and signup. You can now connect your social accounts here and start posting your content.

And once your e-commerce startup reached a point of some success, you can open your paid account on Buffer. A paid account allows you to add more than 3 channels, analytics options, and many more features.